Cooking Up a Lifetime of Love

‘Tis the season of “save the date” cards and cordial invites arriving via postal carrier to witness matrimonial bliss between sweethearts. Along with those beautifully decorated cardstock mementos come a few decisions for you, the guest. Banknote or gift are common choices needed to be made prior to attendance. So many opt for the monetary donation stuffed in envelopes as it is simple and cash is always serviceable.

Food as Foreplay

Being health conscious these days of both food and calorie intake can make one feel invigorated mentally, emotionally, and physically. A consistent dietary change can increase self-confidence, reduce sluggishness with heightened energy, and even lengthen life span. The benefits to healthy life-choices are relentlessly preached by fitness gurus; in health magazines; via infomercials, and through mainstream media outlets.

Down By The Bay

When pairing two life long friends and ad agency partners, with the cool clear waters of Georgian Bay, Ontario, what you get is a causative creation of exceptional Canadian small batch spirits. What makes the Georgian Bay Spirit Company so uniquely particular is the use of such pure ingredients like the hand-harvested wild juniper from the Thirty Thousand Islands along with what has been described as the purest water reservoir on Earth from the Township of Springwater.