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The Art of Upcycling with Amanda Forrest and Fat Paint Co.
PHOTO CREDIT: Tracey Ayton

Throughout the decades, fashion and home fashion trends evolve and continue to do so. As we age, we have the privilege of seeing trends come back around for a second turn, thankfully with a modern spin. Floral prints remain a spring favourite, but the plastic from the floral couches we grew up on remain a thing of the past.

As we settle into our first (and second, and third) homes, one of two things can happen. There are pieces of furniture that hold beautiful memories, or were affordable hand-me-downs when we left home, but may not suit the rest of our décor. We hang onto these pieces and move them from home to home, or room to room, sometimes piling stuff atop without real inspiration. Other times, we have handpicked our décor from top to bottom but are missing the good-feeling, classic pieces that our mothers and grandmothers and their mothers had. The big kitchen table, the majestic dining room hutch, the sideboard holding her finest china. Where a dent in the wood was attached to a hilarious moment, or the beautiful lines were characteristic of a decade long before your birth and despite the colour, it was treasured as the only piece she took from home, many years ago.

There are many stores that sell refurbished style pieces with character and a price tag that screams modern day, but how does that help us preserve the memories while lending itself to the new?
FAT Paint Company introduced us to a chalk style paint that is not only easy to use, but offers an incredible wardrobe of colour to your classic loves. Created by artisan brother/sister duo Bradford & Victoria, this versatile paint is the solution to a problem you’ll find yourself wanting. Combine this ingenuity and creative drive with the expertise and inspiration from décor goddess, Amanda Forrest, and you’ll be looking at grandmother’s end tables in a whole new light.

Bradford, Victoria and Amanda Forrest shared some of their FAT Paint Co. history, inspiration and tips for our beautiful readers ready to restore and renew at home this spring, and get as infatuated as we are with this amazing collaboration!

Bradford and Victoria:

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you come to form The FAT Paint Company?

Victoria (V): I’m an avid DIYer and, at the time, I was intending to paint my bathroom vanity with another chalk-style paint. My brother Bradford is an artist, so I was eager to share my plans with him. I told him how easy to use this particular style of paint was, and it turns out he works with a similar formula as a scenic artist in the film industry. He offered to mix me my own custom batch and a few months later we started The FAT Paint Company!

Tell us, what’s in a name? Specifically, how did you come to such a unique name?

Bradford (B): It’s FAT because it’s thick! It’s a thick paint.

What are your favourite qualities of chalk paint?

V: The versatility found in the chalky consistency. With it, you’re able to sand, burnish and/or distress the chalky finish. This opens up creative and artistic possibilities.

How do you build your colour palette?

V: We look to inspire through colour and seek to build a bold, beautiful palette while still remaining versatile. One of the draws to partnering with Amanda Forrest was her passion for colour. When making changes to our palette or adding on any new colours, we listen to our retailer feedback, keep in mind what’s fresh and on-trend, and don’t let fear hold us back from brining on exciting shades.

What inspires you as artists when creating?

B: I’m inspired by the old-world architecture of a beautiful piece of cabinetry that needs to be brought back to life. FAT Paint is an easy way to do it.

How would you describe working so closely with family?

B: You know, there aren’t many that can do it. But when you can, there are many benefits.

Favourite DIY piece you’ve FAT painted?

V: We really enjoyed painting all the pieces for The Amanda Forrest Collection shoot last fall. It was the first we saw her collection on a larger scale and we had some gorgeous pieces we were working with. A highlight for me was the work we did on the dovetailing of both the Can’t See Me Camo piece and the Orangeapalooza piece (pictured). It’s the details like that which make your piece all the more unique.


Please do share a tip or two for readers looking to choose & paint a piece of their own at home?

V: Evaluate the existing finish and do a test patch. This will tell you how to best approach the project. Then paint corner to corner for best results.
B: And always have a bucket of water at hand.

Amanda Forrest

What excited you most about The FAT Paint Company collaboration?

My collaboration with The FAT Paint Company is an exciting endeavour because it allows me creative freedom to deliver chalk paint colours that will brighten up everyone’s day to day home life while being great for the environment.

The colours in your collection are all based on your personality. If you had to choose your favourite trait/colour (today), which would it be and why?

Today I would choose Blushing Bombshell because it’s spring and this is the perfect renewal colour-instant happiness!

You are a super busy, career-minded girl boss that runs her own décor/design empire, but also has time to raise 5 children and remain active in several causes close to your heart. How does your family inspire your work?

I love the term girl boss because I think woman in business bring an outlook and dedication that propels companies forward and provides valuable, diverse insight. My family inspires my work daily in the sense that I am often putting myself in other parents shoes and thinking that we have the same challenges in decorating our homes, saving for vacations, scheduling children. My home is a creative hot bed with plenty of different rooms that allow children the freedom to express themselves creatively, whether it be drawing, music, dance or fort building. My youngest twin girls are wickedly creative so sometimes I try to “let myself go” mentally in the simple way they can so that my creative thoughts can flow. Stress is the death of creativity so I need lots of sleep to offset my day to day demands.

What is drawing designers and décor addicts back to these big, classic, (in many cases) re-painted/re-furbished pieces?

They are a breath of fresh air in so many ways. They are up-cycled, colourful, well made and available at all price points. Easy, cost effective and gorgeous!

What do you love most about working with classic pieces such as these in your designs?

I love their lines. The classic feel to them and their weight-they are character filled, you just want to run your hands across them because they have an heirloom feel.


When choosing a bolder colour, such as Orangeapalooza or Can’t See Me Camo, for an eye-catching/statement piece (ie: table/sideboard), how would you suggest our readers tie same into a room for an everyday loved look?

I am a huge fan of accent pillows and art. Both are easy to change and allow you to bridge together multiple colours in one room. If you have an Orangeapalooza coffee table and beige walls-buy a couple of patterned pillows that have orange, beige and navy in them-it will look stellar!

Favourite DIY piece you’ve FAT painted?

I recently painted a couple of accent pillows with Orangeapalloza for my living room-I love how graphic they look and they only took 30 min to create.

Instagram Amanda Forrest

Please do share a tip or two for readers looking to choose & paint a piece of their own at home?

Tip #1: Be open while shopping. This means looking past the colour of a piece and just looking at the lines or curves that you’re drawn to.

Tip #2: Start small. Try an end table first-its not too big and generally has clean lines. Turn the table upside down and paint the base first, then flip it over and continue-it’s so much easier.

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