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Vinyl Me, Please mixes past and present as “The Best Damn Record Club Out There”

It’s no question that music, and how we enjoy it, is ever-changing and evolving.
Each year brings endless possibilities for music consumption with streaming memberships such as Spotify being the choice of many, as it is both easy to use and extensive in selection.

But where is the magic in music nowadays? Yes, it is seemingly magical that we can type on our touch screen phones and a clear, high-quality copy of a song is playing within seconds; but in speaking with parents and grandparents, you come to realize that our generation is lacking a certain ardor when it comes to how we buy, collect and listen to music.

Vinyl Me PleaseLike taking a lover, there is so much romance in carefully thumbing through an extensive collection of thin, cardboard sleeves to finally select your consummate album. Out slides a shiny, vinyl disc – sometimes brightly-coloured, many times black – to be placed on the turntable and the needle slowly lowered down to introduce the first seconds of static before…magic.

We’ve discovered that vinyl may not always be at the forefront of the music industry, but it certainly shows no signs of retiring. Whether you have adopted your parents’ dusty jackets, or are curating your own at shows and the local record store – diversity is essential.

Vinyl Me Please

This holiday season, bestow the lasting gift of auditory delight with Vinyl Me, Please. Noted as being “The Best Damn Record Club Out There”, this monthly subscription service delivers a black box of collective goods for aficionados of all calibers. Including special edition LP’s pressed exclusively for VMP members, original 12×12 album-inspired prints, and custom cocktail recipes paired to provoke thoughtful listening, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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photography courtesy of Vinyl Me Please

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