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Legs for Days with Rachel’s Box

Over-Knee Tights with Dots
Over-Knee Tights with Dots

As the colder weather settles in, it is imperative for Northern girls to get creative with our professional and party wear. Out of Quebec, Le Coffret de Rachel (Rachel’s Box) gives us the means and inspiration to keep our pretty skirts and dresses at hand during colder months, while our legs make a statement of their own.

Heart Print
Heart Print Tights

With subtle yet playful patterns, colours and tasteful styles that suit even the most professional atmosphere, we can’t love Rachel’s Box enough.

Back Seam Tights
Back Seam Tights

This Canadian-run subscription service delivers two pairs of high-quality tights to your doorstep monthly, curated based on your personal style. Rachel’s Box stylists developed a quiz that goes over everything from style choices to asking preferences on patterns, colours and more. For the choosier among us, you can select your own style box contents with your personal top choices from any collection. “A la carte” pieces are always available online with or without a subscription to supplement your wardrobe.  Each parcel is delivered in a tasteful little box with pink detailing and with your tights gently tissue-wrapped inside.

Rachel's Box


Should you find yourself in receipt of a style you just don’t love, there is no cost to exchange for a pair you’d prefer, as stylists of Rachel’s Box take great pride in making sure you love and wear their pieces with confidence and pride. However, should you receive a unique pair in a colour or pattern you’re not quite sure how to style, the website boasts a frequently updated blog and lookbook to inspirit your wardrobe, maintaining a playful, professional and Pinterest-worthy look despite the change in weather.

Black Triangle Print
Black Triangle Print


Find your perfect box at: www.rachelsbox.com  

photos courtesy of Rachel’s Box

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