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MirraMirra: All Sweetness and Light

It is said that a woman’s best accessory is her smile. We are of the belief that a woman’s second best accessory is inevitably what keeps and captures that. Currently wrapping up their campaign on IndieGoGo before their 2017 retail debut, MirraMirra brings to market the best accessory we have seen, and subsequently the only phone case you'll see yourself with for a long time to come. As career-minded women on the go, our days seem to fill themselves - whether it's with morning meetings or client lunches followed by celebratory dinners and drinks. In times like these it can be hard to find a moment to breathe, let alone re-apply lipstick or swiftly ensure that poppy seeds from lunch didn't linger in your smile. This perfect solution balances all the bells and whistles to get you through your day without sacrificing in quality, look or functionality.

With an impressively sleek and dynamic design, MirraMirra not only challenges the current market but is sure to be a leader in the industry as it effortlessly combines two of the most desirable features into a 4.8 mm thin iPhone companion, ensuring its place as your perfect sidekick. The MirraMirra design may be slim, but is a sleek and sturdy, shockproof case that protects your valuable device while adorning it in styles that are classy, minimalistic and reflective of your personal taste. Currently offered for iPhone 6/6S, and working towards availability for iPhone 7 and Android devices, MirraMirra is available in matte or  glossy black, rose gold and white marble. Accompanying the high-quality mirror is app-controlled LED lighting to enable touch ups & selfies in the dimmest surroundings. MirraMirra requires no charging, as their innovative design grants the LED lights ability to power themselves by your iPhone’s existing LED torch, allowing your after-dinner selfies to be as illuminating as your smile. To further their dedication to the best-lit moment, MirraMirra lights are not only adjustable in brightness, but also in blue, white and warm glow. Whether it’s mascara touch-ups in the back of an Uber to the perfect angle paired with complimentary lighting, MirraMirra has you covered and takes up less than 5 mm. more room in your kit.

As committed as you’ll want this relationship to be, they are on board, with our favourite of the IndieGoGo options being $49 USD for your iPhone 6/6S case (more than 60% less than retail pricing). With this option, as an act of loyalty for backing their brand at ground level, MirraMirra will upgrade your case when you upgrade your device ensuring even as you grow, you’ll never be apart. For those of us whose mantra remains that if you want to be our lovers, you have to get with our friends, for which we shall never be judged, MirraMirra made the ultimate $85 USD package for two cases, so that you and your best mate will never be at a loss for great lighting or touch-up opportunity (all colour options available). Developed and produced in Australia to further ensure the best quality and accessibility, MirraMirra offers free shipping for residents in Canada, Australia, and the USA, and a flat worldwide shipping rate of $6. With no more awkward front-camera make up applications in your foreseeable future, this case offers commitment you won’t need some space to consider.

Shipping is projected for January 2017, so we can all ring in the new year with our best lit selves.


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