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Playing for Keeps with Zepeel

Days as a working professional in the city seem to fly by. Early mornings, meetings, lunches – for many of us, eaten at our desks, blending into evening commutes home into already dusky skies. With the weather still granting us snowy days and early sunsets, it can be even more daunting to go out for drinks, meet new people and expand our dating horizons. While dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble offer a fairly new school approach to app-dating, each have a few shortcomings as they fall victim to features that don’t put their user first.

The creators at Zepeel have refined the technology we are already overtly familiar with and eliminated what makes other apps frustrating, potentially alienating and/or unsafe to offer up a complete user-focused experience that allows you to build a legitimate connection with someone online with the intention to support you with fun, yet safe, features as you branch to an offline romance.

The trail blazing feature that sets Zepeel apart is that the platform requires each profile to upload a 30 second-or-less intro video in place of a profile picture. Although this is an unorthodox approach to the usual app-dating profile, it is exactly what users are loving about Zepeel. We are already adopting this technology into our daily social media presence with front runners like Snapchat and Intagram allowing us to share mini clips/”stories” from our daily life and a more genuine social media presence with our friends and followers alike. The mini video on Zepeel profiles allows you, as the user, to see more elements of the person you are considering connecting with – such as a great voice, wry smile or the way their eyes light up when they describe their interests. As studies have repeatedly shown that we make first impressions within seconds, Zepeel is giving users a little more to go on. This allows users to break out of the filtered photos and share a little about themselves while allowing organic connections to be made based on more than just a few staged photos. As your profile video is already a great ice breaker, Zepeel users are actively sending text, photo and video messages, via the app, to their connections thus bridging the gap quicker to solidify connections being made in person.

Zepeel reinstates integrity in app-dating by working hard to protect all users, especially females. With Facebook authentication to register coupled with video profiles, fake or misleading accounts are much harder to come by. Zepeel maintains contact only with consent by allowing messages to be exchanged only when mutual connections are made. When you see someone that appeals to you, you can connect with them and even send a private message with a personal note. The catch – the person you are reaching out to will never see your note if they don’t also initiate a connection. Once you are matched, messages are opened between you and your match with Zepeel’s chat capabilities. Any messages sent previously by either party will then be revealed and you are free to continue the conversation. With options to chat, send photos and video messages, you can get to know someone in an array of different methods before venturing out for that first date. Blocking is available and users are encouraged to report any disrespectful behaviour to ensure quality remains high and the experience is positive for all.

Zepeel is a free to download in the App Store and Google Play with features allowing you to sort your prospective matches by gender preference, age and distance, making it easier to connect with other Toronto locals. Zepeel goes a few steps further by making in-app purchases available to those who would like to break down their specific dating requirements by asking the harder questions that photos/video won’t always reveal, such as height, body type, if the user is a smoker and if they have kids.

Zepeel offers one additional in-app purchase for users who wish to see the people connecting with them, however messages/chat capabilities are still not revealed until the mutual connection is made. This option is an excellent perk for those of us who want to keep an open mind while still allowing the bulk of users to avoid any unwanted contact.

With the guesswork removed, the environment moderated and the connections presented in a fun, new and innovative way, Zepeel emerges as a new leader in online dating to bring you a quality experience on your journey to find love at first play.

You can keep up with Zepeel on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and their blog to follow their journey in connecting people throughout Toronto and the world.

Visit www.zepeel.com and download the app to take a chance and see where love can take you.

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